Fitness Online

Gyms and fitness clubs across the country are temporarily closing their doors in light of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tuning into this need, several fitness trainers, gyms, and studios are now offering free online workout options to help everyone stay fit and connected. Not only that, but online mental health platforms have also been finding ways to connect with people free of charge during this difficult time.

In AIKARA we are experts in strength training. And that  should be part of everybody’s workout routine. It’s essential for a strong, healthy body and mind.

At Aikara we take a fresh approach to online fitness.  We’ve mastered the ultimate personal experience – LIVE to wherever your life is happening.

Let us show you just how effective at home fitness can be with the Aikara team.

Our live trainers personally cheer you on, keep you accountable,  and give you the extra nudge you may need some days.

You see us, and yes, we also see you! Which means we keep you safe, accountable and having fun, all while getting into the best shape of your life.

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