Kyokushin Program

Kyokushin is a style of karate that focuses on sparring. But don’t worry, you’ll ease into it as your skills develop. Training is tough but rewarding – not only do you get a great cardiovascular workout, but you’ll also develop self-esteem. Strength of character and, of course, the confidence of knowing you can look after yourself when needed. Kyokushin classes are broken into three aspects.


At the beginning of the class, you’ll be taken through some basic stretching and joint-loosening movements, and then some aerobic exercise such as light jogging. This is to get you warmed up and reduce your risk of injury when the actual training begins. 

Kihon / Kata

Kihon means basic training, and in this part of the class you’ll learn how to punch, kick, block and move in the karate style. A kata is a pattern of karate movements organized into a set sequence, almost like a dance routine. 


Beginners will have to wait for a few weeks while you work on your kihon. For safety reasons, hand attacks to the head are not permitted, and punches cannot be aimed at women’s chests or the groin of either gender. Initially, you’ll take part in slow-motion and light-contact sparring.

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